07 AM | 07 Nov

Where is……. Muddbutt Jenkins

In the world of the Blues, there are many, many legends. Icons. Even more, there are untold legends, talents who were at a place in music history, 10 minutes too late, or there reckless lifestyles reputation preceded them. A day late, and a dollar short. There stories forgotten, as they became. Such is the story of MUDBUTT JENKINS. Burtrum Jenkins was born the 7 of 24 children in Texarkana, Arkansas, 4 years before the Great Depression. His mother a known prostitute named Jawbone, his father(s) unknown. On his own since the age of 8 after being abandoned by his mother by a black radio station that played the Blues, beginning his love for that music and way of life. Wanted an instrument, and having one during the Depression are two different things. But, he made though with a jug and washboard, which he mastered in less than a year. In his teens, his joined with three her musicians and formed an act, him with his friends forming the back up band. Creating a new sound decades ahead of its time , Blues with a punk rock vibe, wrapped in sexually charged lyrics, predating Luke Skywalker and gangster rap by nearly 7 decades. Songs like “i don’t want her, she’s too fat for me”, “Pussy don’t clock out, “You bring the Pussy, I’ll bring the wine and the romantic, heating “We’re a fucking” was in every juke joint on both sides of the Mason/Dixon line, but Muddbutt’s vices became more and more expensive, his sexual exploits became legendary, regardless of race tensions leading them to by chased out of 10 cities of an 11 city tour by the Klan. A few years later, completely descending into total obscurity, re-emergeing nearly 30 years later, now a Muslim in the nation of Islam only to leave again soon after, his one hit, “I can’t eat pork, no more.” Forgotten even quicker. Now, after years of research, all the pieces are together, now the stories can be told…………………

11 PM | 03 Nov

Here’s a song for you… Black by Popular Demand by Bruce Jingles https://open.spotify.com/track/3vG8Ew79hWNFUfBwsgDrdx?si=uKI5jrH5RTOhtCh8HcaSNw